Do You Add Value?

Do You Add Value?

November 20, 2018

How do you add value?

Or do you give to receive?

How to ‘add value’ is regular banter when running a business. However conversations are usually around how the business will benefit:

’If we do this ……….. we will get more sales; gain more followers; reach more customers…’

Here ‘adding value’, is misleading because in reality the business is primarily focussed on what value they stand to gain, rather than their customer.

Giving in order to receive is a habit as a species we have evolved to live by, ‘If I do this, I get that.’

Take a refresh.

Altruism, the selfless concern for the wellbeing of others.

When you focus outside of your self and genuinely do things for others, benevolent acts lead to higher positive emotions. When our motives are other-oriented, as opposed to self-oriented, we ultimately benefit anyway.

So, how do you add value to others in your life?

On the outside:

Perform random acts of kindness

In the inside:

Give unconditionally without the expectation of wanting something back


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