The Concept of Choice

September 11, 2018

Yesterday my 14 year old daughter started back at a new school, a very nice school.
However, knowing how traditional education doesn’t really encourage our young people to GO LIVE THEIR DREAMS, its not what I envisaged for her at this stage in her life. Nonetheless, this is where we are at, for now, at this point in our lives.

Her first day's experience wasn’t the best. “Give it time” I said, whilst underneath I was also feeling her angst, upset and disappointment to.

So, today is a tribute to our youth GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, and to us parents, waving them off, hoping there’ll be ok.

I live by the concept of CHOICE. By this I mean how we choose to THINK, ACT and RESPOND to external circumstances, situations and stimuli. 
Unequivocally, regardless of who we are, where we live, good or bad circumstances, we individually OWN OUR CHOICES.

This is what I said to my daughter, before she went to school for her 2nd day:
"You are at this school because we made a choice
At the time we made that choice it was the right choice
That doesn’t mean it will always be the right choice
That said, we always have the power to MAKE A NEW CHOICE. So, if the current choice doesn’t work, we can make a new one.”

We are never stuck and always have the ability to CHANGE OUR THOUGHTS. It is simply how you CHOOSE to look at things.
That alone is A CHOICE, YOUR CHOICE.
No-one else can take away how YOU CHOOSE TO THINK, ACT OR RESPOND, regardless of what your circumstances are.

For now, I told my daughter to consider this:

“Think of your time here, at this school, like an investment, putting money in the bank, saving up, so when the time is right, you can make a withdrawal and then, go spend ‘the money’ living your dreams.”

So, if things aren’t to your liking at the moment, these 2 TOOLS may help:

1. Choose your thoughts wisely.

How you feel is a physiological response to how you think.

Good thoughts make you feel good. Bad thoughts make you feel bad.

2. Circumstances can’t aways be changed immediately. So think of any such situation as an investment of your time. No time is wasted. It's part of your 'savings' that you can withdraw later on in life.

@_theconsciousyouth 😇

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